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Total Guide to Best Kashan Hotels 2024

Let`s explore the best Kashan hotels and embark on an unforgettable adventure in this timeless city. Kashan, the city of fragrant roses and beautiful gardens, renowned for its Fin Garden, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Tabatabaei House, Silk Hill, Niasar Cave, and other historical attractions, attracts many domestic and international travelers every year. Consequently, this tourist-friendly city offers a variety of accommodation options such as hotels, eco-lodges, suites, and private apartments to cater to the needs of tourists. Among these options, many travelers prefer to stay in the best Kashan hotel. Perhaps their prime location, high safety standards, diverse amenities, and easy and fast booking process are the main reasons for their selection. However, if for any reason you intend to stay in the best hotels in this destination during your trip to Kashan, continue reading with Gotripo to know more about top Kashan hotels:


Morshedi House Boutique Hotel Kashan

The Morshedi House Boutique Hotel in Kashan, Iran, is a traditional Iranian house converted into a boutique hotel and is one of the top choices among Kashan hotels. Kashan is known for its historical houses and rich cultural heritage, and the Morshedi House is a fine example of that.

The hotel likely offers a unique experience where guests can immerse themselves in traditional Persian architecture and hospitality. Features may include intricately designed courtyards, traditional Persian gardens, and elegant rooms decorated with Persian carpets and artwork.

Kashan itself is a city with a lot of historical significance, including attractions like the Fin Garden, Agha Bozorg Mosque, and the historic bazaar. Guests at the Morshedi House Boutique Hotel would likely have easy access to these sites, allowing them to explore the city’s rich history and culture.

Overall, staying at the Morshedi House Boutique Hotel in Kashan would likely offer a blend of modern comfort and traditional Persian charm, providing guests with a memorable and authentic experience.


Adib House Boutique Hotel Kashan

This traditional hotel, also known as Morshedi 2 House, is, in fact, the second branch of Morshedi Traditional Hotel and is also a popular one among Kashan hotels. Adib Hotel, constructed on two floors, offers 17 rooms with traditional spaces and layouts. The hotel has entrances to the ground floor and the first floor. In the hotel’s traditional courtyard, there is a water pool surrounded by candlelit pots. Sitting on the beds around the pool and listening to traditional music on a spring day perfectly conveys the atmosphere of life in Kashan’s historical fabric. Another point to mention about Morshedi 2 House is the cooking of delicious Iranian dishes in the hotel’s restaurant, so you don’t need to leave the hotel for lunch and dinner.


Manouchehri House Boutique Hotel Kashan

Manouchehri House, with a history of 400 years, is one of the most important and valuable Kashan hotels, boasting unique traditional architecture and high historical and artistic value. This mansion, after necessary renovations in 2011, with 9 rooms located in three sections: the courtyard, overlooking the garden, and the beautiful central pool, began its activities as a hotel.

The rooms in this traditional hotel include double, twin with a safe, small balcony twin, small triple, balcony quadruple, large balcony triple suite, and large balcony six-person suite with a safe, all of which have modern and standard amenities, along with very beautiful traditional design and décor.

The good location of Manouchehri House Boutique Hotel allows easy access for guests to various places and attractions in Kashan such as Agha Bozorg Mosque and School, Timcheh Amin al-Dowleh, Kashan Historical Bazaar, Abbasi Historical House, etc and so that it`s one of the most wanted one in Kashan hotels.

Manouchehri Traditional Accommodation Address: Kashan, Mohtasham Kashani Street, Shahid Sabet Alley, Haft Mansion.


Baba Afzal Hotel Kashan

Another traditional option in Kashan hotels is Baba Afzal Hotel. With its historical and ancient architecture, this traditional accommodation, like many other traditional hotels in this city, hosts travelers. If you are missing your grandparents’ house, with a reservation at Baba Afzal Hotel, you can simulate the experience of being in your ancestors’ house at least once more. While Baba Afzal Kashan Hotel has an old-fashioned style, its amenities and services are of such quality that it feels like staying in a five-star hotel.


Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel Kashan

By staying in the best traditional Kashan hotel, you can hit two birds with one stone, now why is that? The famous Ameriha Hotel in Kashan is one of the most beautiful traditional Kashan hotels, has authentic architecture and a beautiful atmosphere that will be captivating for any tourist. This hotel, in terms of amenities, provides a comfortable and enjoyable stay comparable to many five-star hotels. The large and traditional Ameriha House, dating back to the Zandi and Qajar periods, has been preserved, and besides spacious rooms, it also features two beautiful and serene courtyards and other sections such as Sohrab Gallery, windcatchers, cellar, pool house, summer and winter alcoves, mirror house, and Shah Neshin. Visiting these places is truly worthwhile.

Another reason for the popularity of Ameriha Hotel among Kashan hotels and travelers, is the convenient location. You can find this beautiful and large hotel in the Alavi neighborhood, Seventh Ancient Alley. Some of Kashan’s attractions such as Seljuk Tower and Baruji House, Borujerdi House, Tabatabaei House, and Kashan Traditional Bazaar are located nearby.


Amirza Traditional Hotel

Located in a building with a history of 130 years, Amirza traditional hotel opened its doors as a budget-friendly hotel after undergoing necessary renovations. Its proximity to the top Kashan hotels and the main tourist attractions, including Tabatabaei House and Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, makes it an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers. With 12 rooms spread across two floors and offering various bed configurations, this hotel provides comfortable accommodation at an affordable price.

Address: Kamal Al-Molk Square, Fazl Naraghi Street, Farhang Alley 24, Kashan, Iran.



Kashan, a timeless city renowned for its fragrant roses and historical landmarks like the Fin Garden and Agha Bozorg Mosque, offers a plethora of accommodation options catering to diverse preferences and budgets. From the authentic charm of the Morshedi House Boutique Hotel to the cultural significance of the Adib House and Manouchehri House Boutique Hotels, travelers can immerse themselves in Persian heritage and have a memorable stay in Kashan hotels. Alternatively, the Baba Afzal and Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotels provide a blend of ancient architecture and modern amenities for a memorable stay. Budget-conscious visitors can opt for the Amirza Traditional Hotel without compromising on comfort or accessibility to Kashan’s attractions. Overall, whether seeking traditional Persian ambiance or modern comforts, the best Kashan hotels ensure an unforgettable journey through this timeless destination.



Can I book Kashan Hotels Online?

Yes, you can book the best Kashan hotels online using GoTripo via credit card and PayPal for secure payments.

When is the best time to travel to Kashan?

Spring and autumn are popular, but you can enjoy Iran year-round.

How can I pay for Kashan Hotels?

You can book the best Kashan hotels with GoTripo and pay online, This booking website offers secure online payments, Fast and easy!

What are the best Kashan Hotels?

Kashan, a historic city in Iran known for its stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage, offers a range of accommodation options for travelers. Here are some of the best Kashan hotels:

  1. Manouchehri House

  2. Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel

  3. Noghli Historical House

  4. Ehsan Traditional Guesthouse

  5. Morshedi House

  6. Manouchehri Traditional Hotel

  7. Negarestan Hotel

  8. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse Hotel

  9. Mehr Traditional Hotel

  10. Negin Traditional Hotel

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